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IndieCamp Kerbors 2018/en


 Preparation and documentation page of the IndieCamp Kerbors 2018, 3rd edition, which will take place from 1st to 15th August in Brittany on the pink granite coast.
 This wiki page is open to you to contributions, proposals, registrations to IndieCamp.


Definition and documentation

Kerbors 2018

Camp location Chez Michèle Le Gall Turbin, Coat Lannec, 22610 Kerbors. Contact details 48.83632, -3.19056


Carte OSM de la zone
position de L'indiecamp

See The Map

Frugal organizational principles implemented before and during IndieCamp

Less is more

The desires and possibilities were sourced upstream by videoconference and written online to put anyone interested on the same level of information as the other participants.

An atypical place, kerbors in Brittany

  • Those who will be there will make the event
  • There aren't really any chief organizers
  • Each participant can bear a collective responsibility if it suits him/her

Tariff per day is arbitrarily set at a minimum threshold. Financial solidarity between participants was not objected to


  • you organize yourself, without relying on the non-organizers.
  • you honor the law of both feet.
  • You know the people here are the right ones.
  • Participants come when they can, they stay as long as they wish.
  • The participants do not come empty-handed according to their possibilities and their projects
  • Everyone's diet is respected and considered before the camp opens
  • What emerges from this Indiecamp are the fruits of the common gardens cultivated by the stakeholders


Dates and Conditions

From 1st to 10th July 2017 in Brittany 15 minutes from the sea - Hosted by Atelier Z, 8 chemin de Kervic, 29920 Névez

You can come when you can / when you want, but you warn.

Approximate collective budget (already tested last year) 6,50 € / day / person. It is a common fund so the total amount of food and drink costs is divided by the number of persons/occupancy days. (See feed on the existing)

Tent canvas, down, hammock, tent in the trees... Anyway, it's an IndieCamp.

Our guests we shall cherish and respect.

There's no internet available, so we'll have to figure it out. Participant Registrations

Limited to 20 places max per day

How to register

  • annotate your first name, or nickname, or surname first name in the list below by sweater request in github with your dates
  • grades the topics or projects you come for, or grades you just come to share your good mood
  • if you are afraid of the wiki send an email: lebiome.hacklab[arobase] protonmail[dot] com with your dates
  • if you are afraid of this whole story, come and talk to the co-organisers who come from all over France: Rennes, Nantes, Lyon, Treffendel, Montpellier, Saint-Étienne, Concarneau, Rotterdam, Strasbourg, Paris, Mulhouse...

Registered :

  • Michèle Turbin from August 1 to 15

Counterpart to this Camp

Campers must

 Not yet defined with our host


{you put your initials and what you bring and / or you add what you need} Material requirements

  • Internet access
  • Music, instrument, speakers
  • Extension cords and plugs
  • tents and mattresses
  • Ropes, tarpaulins, sails, hammocks (RT)
  • wifi amplifier
  • Diving or fishing equipment

Working material

  • Stainless steel screw and screwdriver for dry toilet construction
  • Some arduino, Pi
  • Do-it-yourself tools
  • Soldering iron, multimeter,
  • material, notably RaspPI, Arduino...
  • solar or wind electric device
  • activity measurement equipment
  • radio, communication, telecom equipment

Nice to have

  • slack line
  • climbing and/or hiking equipment
  • Flavours from your home region for cooking or drinking