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Resources used by the team

Marine Bramanti

Book : La nature et les risques tome 6: Université de tous les savoirs.


Louis Bourriez

Book : Olivier Atteia- Chimie et pollutions des eaux souterraines


Donosti Lamarque

Book : Yves Le Corfec – Sites et sols pollués : gestion des passifs environnementaux


Barbara Loureiro

Book : Maria do Carmo Calijuri, David Gasparini Fernandes Cunha - Engenharia Ambiental, Conceitos Tecnologia e Gestão


Julien Cachot

Book : Pollution des sols: Pollution, principe pollueur-payeur, dépollution des sols, phytoremédiation, polluant, déchet, matériaux lourds, écogeste, véhicule propre


Mathieu Nguyen

Book : Eléonore Mauléon – Essai sur le fait juridique de pollution des sols


Teddy Cvetkovic

Book : Riad Berkouki - Pollution du sol agricole par les métaux lourds: évaluation de la pollution du sol à proximité d’une décharge sauvage


First description of our project

First description of our project's idea
Title of your project

1. What Problem do you want to solve ?

Regarding to the current flood which reach our region, we realized that one of the main problem was the bad evacuation of water on our roads. These floods caused the death of 20 people, millions euros damages, traffic jams, accidents, cars left on the road due to drowned engines. Furthermore, in our region there often is some risk of flooding, we need to find a way to make the population safety.

We would like to find a new way to get our region safer but we can’t reduce the level of rains that fall. So we have to find a solution to secure the risky areas and prevent a new drama as the one occurred last week. In more we can think that all this water can be reuse.

2. Why does this problem exist?

The increasing emissions in the atmosphere over the time have caused the rise of temperature, this is called global warming.The consequences of a warming planet are recent heavy rains and flooding, these events are expected to become more and more common over time (sources ? is it directly related to global warming ?).However there are some various causes to flooding :

1/ Rain is the most important one. If the drainage system can’t absorb the rain during storms, the zone will be flooded.

2/River overflow is also one of the main causes. This overflow can be the result of the increase of the water upstream (due to rain for exemple).

3/Strong winds in coastal areas, the water from the sea can be carried by the wind and can cause damages in urban areas.

4/Ice and snow-melts, if a mountain has ice on top of them sometimes the ice melts which results in massive movement of water.

3. What breakthrough are you commited to creating?

To answer this problem, we must find criterias to curb floods and to drain water from bad weather. We are committed to create a new way (or material) to absorb the water surplus and recycle it (save water in order to reuse it).

The main aim it’s not to evacuate water but to save water. In fact water is a rare resource, we have to preserve it,so it will be interesting to hoard this water and to reuse it.

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