First assignment of group n° 050


Resources used by the team

SWAMY Neethi
  • Video 1 : Can sheep save the planet? Lecture by Allan Savory

  • Video 2 : Biodiversity and Evolution

  • Video 3 : The Hidden Life of Wolves - Documentary

Book :


  • Video 1 : George Monbiot: For more wonder, rewild the world

  • Video 2 : Richard Turere: My invention that made peace with lions

  • Video 3 : Marcin Jakubowski - Civilization Starter Kit

Book : Jeffrey D. Sachs (2005): The end of poverty: Economic possibilities of our time.


  • France on alert for prowling wolves

  • Wolf makes a comeback in France

  • Wolves and the Ecology of Fear: Can Predation Risk Structure Ecosystems?

  • Conservation of wolves in Europe

  • Protecting sheep farms against wolf attacks

  • French farmers try to keep the wolves from their door

  • Livestock and Wolves: A Guide to Nonlethal Tools and Methods to Reduce Conflicts

LARBRE Guillaume
  • Video 1 : Jason Pontin, can technology solve our big problems

  • Video 2 : Point sur les attaques de loups dans les Alpes-Maritimes

  • Video 3 : 21 bêtes attaquées par le loup aux portes de Roquebillière

Book : Frances Moulder (2000) - Social Problems of a Modern World


  • Alpes de Haute Provence: Une meute de 9 loups attaque une ferme près de Seyne les Alpes!

  • Attaque de loups dans les Alpes-Maritimes

  • Attaque de loups sur un adolescent dans les Alpes


Book : Zaid, H. (2014): The Social Labs Revolution – A New Approach to Solving our Most Complex Changes


  • Sheep flock to Eiffel Tower as French farmers cry wolf – The Telegraph
  • Le retour du loup dans les Alpes françaises. Actes du séminairede restitution du programme – LIFE programme 2003
  • French farmers take park boss hostage over wolf attacks –
  • French farmer's son left terrified after 'wolf attack' – The Telegraph
  • Wolf makes a comeback in France –
  • Wolves at the gates of Paris – The Telegraph
  • France increases its wolf cull after disputed attack on 16-year-old boy –
  • Wolves targeted for extinction once they get close to people – The
  • France plans to teach wolves a hard lesson – The
  • France wild wolf cull conversation – The Guardian
  • The wolf hunt returns to France as species makes a European comeback – The Telegraph
  • Plan Loup 2013-2017 – French ministry of agriculture
  • French farmers take sheep flocks to Eiffel tower to protest ‘govt-protected’ wolves –
  • Wolf hunt returns to France – The Telegraph
  • Video 1 : Le retour du loup en France, France 3

  • Video 2 : Tueurs nés Saison 5 Le loup France 5

  • Video 3 : Focus - Le loup de retour en France

Book : Rosie Woodroffe, Simon Thirgood, Alan Rabinowitz (2005) - People and Wildlife, Conflict or Co-existence?


  • Video 1 : Guard Dog ASI video – American Sheep Industry association

  • Video 2 : Sheep storm Paris Louvre in farmers protest – The telegraph

  • Video 3 : French farmers cry wolf over sheep killings - The Telegraph

  • Video 4 : Farmworkers & Working Conditions – North Carolina Farmworker Advocacy Network

Book : Jan Vorwald Dohner - Livestock Guadians


  • Killing them softly – The Economist

  • French farmers try to keep the wolves from their door – Independent

  • French farmers take sheep flocks to Eiffel Tower to protest 'govt-protected' wolves – RT

  • France to train team of “wolf hunters” to protect the sheeps – The Telegraph

  • French farmer’s son left terrified after ‘wolf attack’ – The Telegraph

  • Video 1 : French Farmers cry wolf over sheep killings

  • Video 2 : The wolf hunt returns to France as species makes a European comeback

  • Video 3 : Images Reporter Mobile Jacques Ghetti [Dailymotion]

Book : Victor Papanek - Design for the Real World: Human Ecology and Social Change


  • Wolf makes a comeback in France” By Christian Fraser

  • Wolves attack sheep flock on the edge of Roquebilliére town

  • “France increases its wolf cull after disputed attack on-16-year-old boy

  • “French farmers lose the battle to keep wolves from their door”

  • “Wolves to be educated not to kill sheep”

First description of our project

First description of our project's idea
The coexistence of wolves, sheeps and farmers in France

Please answer to the three expected questions:
1. What Problem do you want to solve ?
We would like to address the problem of increase of livestock depredation. Over the years wolves have been growing in number and with it also the attacks on livestock, mostly sheep. In 2014 , 9000 animals have been killed by wolves in France which is 30% more than the previous years and is expected to rise in the coming years. The attacks of this kind have a strong negative impact on the business of farmers. They have been going on strikes with the government to increase the safety of their working condition.

2. Why does this problem exist?
There is no proper sustainable solution for safe guarding the livestock and to restraining the wolves in a non violent way. The wolf population is increasing by 15-20% every year and they are not controlled by other predators in the food chain. Wolves are territorial animals and it is illegal to hunt wolves in the wild. The government offers compensation to the farmers but it is not the same value as raising and looking after the sheep for many years.

3. What breakthrough are you commited to creating? In order to increase the safety conditions for farmers our team is committed to find a non violent solution to decrease the sheep mortality due to wolf attacks. We aim at finding a sustainable solution for creating an environment for co existence of farmers, sheep and wolves.

Potential experts already identified
Please mention the potential experts (name, affiliation, likelihood to convince him/her to join the final panel)

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