Email from the experts panel to assess the relevancy and accuracy of the call for money


Before launching your crowdfunding campaign, you must ask your experts panel (at least one) to assess it and to provide you with a feedback. Does the amount of money seem accurate to develop the prototype? Can we imagine to build a robust business model from the invention so that the money could be complemented by income from the launch of the invention? Is it realistic or not?
Why is it essential? To avoid raising not enough money or too much money to develop the prototype (thus failing your crowdfunding campaign).

Instructions for the technology manager

Being in charge of publishing on the wiki, here is a guide to help you doing this properly.

  • Step 1: go on the Working Groups page and click on your "Feedback from the experts panel of group n° XXX" link (in red at this stage). Please check you have properly mentioned the number of your group in place of the XXX before clicking on this link. This will create a new page and edit it.
  • Step 2: Copy the email(s) from the experts and paste it/them on this page

The full name and the affiliation of the experts must be provided. Under request from the teacher, they could be contacted if needed.

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