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Welcome to the webpage of group n°134 The topic we have decided to explore is the following : How to put an end to the malnutrition in Burkina Faso ?
This report has the goal to find solutions to solve this problem according to the interview of two experts of this subject and some interview in the street.

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Three causes that can explain food insecurity


Approximately 80% of Burkinabe people work in the primary sector - agricutulture - but the low productivity makes us weak and poor. In Burkina Faso, the tools used for agriculture are archaics and there are many people needed to make a culture work. There are such tools like the daba or the animal traction that are not modern enough to feed people. The fertilizer are used in a wrong way, because even if they help to protect cultures and especially cotton, they destroy the environment and the floor and the water (such as groudwater aquifers) for the next cultures and they poison population. Cattle breeding, to finish, is fragile because there is a lack of water and pastures, there are a lot of diseases and animals die a lot. There are not care and vaccinations. All those things makes the agriculture low and not productive, what can explain why there is a food insecurity in Burkina Faso.


Moreover, the climate can be really hard and destroy the cultures and the work of the peasants. Even if some of the cultures doesn't suffer from the climate (such as sugar cane or sheanut), the cultures that are destroyed are the essential ones, those that are supposed to feed the population (mil, sorgho, rice...).


The developed countries settle prices that are not convenient for the poor countries such as Burkina Faso because the cannot face the competitors. The Burkinabe prices are too high to allow people to buy or to sell their production.


All those things make people really poor and a lot of their income goes to food.


We have to help the poor countries and to give them the possibility to join the occidental market. Some experts are pessimistic, some others are not. We think that if we encourage engineers students or business students to go to Burkina Faso and to join their knowledge to help Burkinabe to face the problems they know everyday by helping the experts to sanitize the cultures, what could help durably Burkina Faso.