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The topic we have decided to explore is the following :
How difficult it is to build a team in order to create a business

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Let’s Talk About Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship gather the creation, the resumption and the development of business. The average of creation in Europe, according to INSEE, is about 116 000. France still seduces people to shape their ideas. However, many companies do not survive after the few first years.

Because of what ?

It exists many reasons as a too small market, no associate to work with, bad team choices, administrative difficulties, high taxes, etc. But in this article, we will focus on the human problems like motivation, good relationships between associates, loyalty, and productivity. For us, all these elements that compose a good company are a question of management, but also and mainly a question of foundation. Skills must be different, complementary to each others and well-developed. For that, innovations have to be also internal to keep the employees efficient. But before, skills must be found and assembled together. Then, the solution could be a tool that would allow future entrepreneur to connect people with skills he is looking for.


Our goal is to find a way to prompt the matching between talents in entrepreneurship. How could we make it possible?

A current societal issue

In this context of economic crisis, unemployment is raising making finding a job difficult. Solution such as entrepreneurship has risen. If you can’t find a job why don’t you create your own one? The ANGC (Agence National des Groupements de Créateur) located in Seine-et-Marne enables people to create and launch their project. On the one hand they assist people during the whole process of creation. Indeed, they can help the project initiator to find the right people. On the other hand they are trying to integrate young people from rough neighborhood. The ANGC provide people training on how to start up a project and deliver a diploma called the DUCA (Diplôme d’Université de Créateur d’Activité) at the end of the training. People do not need any diploma requirement in order to access to this training promoting social mixity.

If we think of our main problem: “finding the right talents in order to create” we can say that this promotion of social mixity enables to make people closer stimulating and encouraging the share of knowledge in order to find the right partner to launch a project. In a way we can say that the ANGC initiative respond to the problem of finding the right talent and by the same time promoting social mixity.