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Obesity is a big issue nowadays. Practicing sport can help people to face this problem but it is not the only factor. Indeed, there is also the nutrition which permits you to be healthy. Close friends and family can really help these people is their fight against obesity and overweight.

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Obesity is a global phenomenon, affecting almost a third of humanity, it is an issue of a major importance in our society in the 21st century. Because obesity is an increasing society problem as well as a financial one, we have decided to tackle this issue in the most completed way. We will first approach our subject with concrete examples illustrating what we have argued so far; sport alone is not the only solution to lose weight. Second, it will be interesting to identify the external actors engaged in the fight against obesity and the measures and actions they have implemented to counter this problem. The only variable of sport is not determinant in the process of losing weight, this fact has been demonstrated by three researchers A.Malhotra, T.Noakes and S.Phinney in their thesis published in April 2015 in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. In fact, as they support it, it is about “destructing the myth” of workout as the unique solution to obesity and bring to light the practices of the food industry judged very often misleading and questionable.

Facing this increasing health challenge, companies and especially start-up have decided to take a stand as well by imagining innovative solutions and settling up concrete actions to engage in the fight against this disease. It is the case for MelCap, an Israeli start-up with its connected pill, still a patented prototype, which once ingested, capture liquids in the stomach and sends satiety information to the patient’s brain. MelCap sees its solution as the one that could effectively counter obesity, with a non-invasive technology, of a great practicality, efficient and above all profitable. Another alternative to fight obesity is the fabrication of quality food ingredients from residues like peelings or fruit seeds, this is the bet of Eat Limmo, a start-up created in 2014 by Enrique Gonzalez and Flavio Siller in Mexico. Behind this initiative lies the experience of Enrique Gonzalez, a former obese, with the willingness to fight against obesity ravaging USA and Mexico in particular, on populations whom are living under the poverty line and therefore feed themselves very badly. This new ingredient has the capacity of replacing almost 40% of fat, and enables manufacturers to reduce production costs by 10% while increasing the nutritional value of their products without changing the taste nor the texture. Of a more global impact, LNC (Les Laboratoires Nutrition & Cardiométabolisme), a young French start-up, has just developed an offer of global treatment and care of diabete and obesity, which health and financial issues are huge. This therapeutic offer includes two solutions specific at each stage of the disease, and each integrated therapeutic solution (proposed on medical prescription) comprises medical nutrition products and support tools (apps for smartphones, tablets, web-community of patients, therapeutic e-education modules etc). Amélie Alexis, dietician and contributor at LNC confirms: “An obese needs to learn to live with its disease for life. And for this, it is crucial that he stays accompanied”. In this perspective, connected objects are precious tools with which people can evolve.

Moreover, we observe an institutional support, carried out by Marisol Touraine, minister of Health and social affairs, and Women’s rights. On the occasion of the sixth edition of the European Day of obesity on the 23rd of May, 2015, she reaffirmed in the modernization bill of the French health-care system, the Government's commitment to a policy of prevention and reduction of health inequalities. Several measures to be taken will include the introduction of an educational road on health from kindergarden to high school, optional simplified nutritional information on food products for combating obesity, and the prohibiting the provision of self-service soda fountains. This bill embodies the government's commitment to address the challenges related to the management of chronic diseases, an aging population, and the financial difficulties of access to healthcare. Consequently, we can definitely see that a whole community of various actors are engaged in this battle, the borders exceed the ones of the patient suffering from obesity.