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We have realized that many people don't really care about sorting process, especially in Paris. In fact, many bins regroup all types of garbage. Therefore, it's even harder for people to sort their garbage with a unique trash. Even if we have started to improve our way of sorting process, there is definitely much more to do in order to prevent against the global warming.

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Stop putting your future into the wrong garbage!

Our idea is to imagine a new project that will facilitate, or at least won’t disturb, people’s daily lives and encourage them to sort effortlessly. We are committed to make the way of sorting process easier for everyone in our environment, in order to recycle much more renewable resources. France comes bottom of the class regarding the waste sorting process. Its percentage of waste recycling was only 37% recently, which is far behind its European neighbors (13th position) and not glorious at all. According to a survey realized by the European Environment Agency, in 2014, Europeans were producing 481 kilograms of municipal waste. This is a lot, and this amount should be recycled more efficiently. The main reasons of this problem can be our lack of time and also the fact that we don’t feel really concerned about it. Our idea is not to focus on changing mentalities. This is a hard task, where governments and environmental organizations already failed in part.  Our idea is more about involving each of us, unconsciously. Our goal is to increase the actual recycling rate, but without requesting time and effort from the population. By nature, humans are really careless with the problems of every day’s waste and trash. Indeed, the waste is the result of overconsumption and non-totally efficient use of everyday materials. Even if the government tried to raise public awareness and get citizens more involved in the process of recycling, those actions are obviously not enough since the problem of waste is still remaining. Nevertheless, what cleaning a city does really means? For some people it is respecting the rules by throwing its garbage in the right place and sorting its waste and for the others the issue is much more than that. Indeed, cleaning a city is about three main principles:  Recycle, Reduce, Reuse. We decided our project to be focused only on the first point that is the recycling part. We may question ourselves “Why all this waste?” The answer is that the majority of French people doesn’t have time regarding that, doesn’t want to make efforts, and doesn’t feel concerned about it. This is the problem we want to solve. Unfortunately, we are still a minority involved in this problem but we would like that people act in this issue since everyone is concerned by this situation. Even if natural resources are still present in our planet, this won’t be the case forever. We contacted by mail and by phone two experts, the sorting office located in Nanterre and the association OREE. Unfortunately, we have not had any feedback from them.