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Nowadays, many people are concerned about what they drink, namely, healthy sides of these drinks, their benefits and the energy that these drinks can create. But unfortunately not many people think about the other side of the medal. Our beloved plastics cups in a contact with the hot drink produce toxic element, such as Bisphenol A, which are not visible and not tangible for a human being, however, it creates bad consequences for the people’s health. Therefore, people don't realize that their healthy drinks create the reverse effect for the health.”

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Nowadays, the world of Sustainable Development Environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility appear in our life. More and more companies, social and personals are concentrated on those parts. They not only focus on the products but also some intangible functions, such as health, environmentally friendly etc. There are many improvements, innovations and other sustainable ideas in our life. Our group want to choose coffee cup in this part to analyze something as our team project.

Coffee cup, a great innovation that changes part of our daily life, has some points that not accepted by our society, although they are more convenience and no risk of contagion to people. Most people only saw the tangible functions to them, and we often ignore intangible one. It is like that we can easy saw the wound in our body when we were injured, but we were not easy to find the intangible wound which one maybe change our body to weak every minutes and we not find until we feel not well, but it is too late, such as cancer or other virus. The coffee cup is like that, we haven’t see how does the coffee cup make, and find intangible points that hurt our health, but they not represent that those intangible killers are not exist.

Have you saw the bird and the fish that died of drinking dirty water which is polluted by chemical and plastic products that not easy to degradation? Have you saw the polluted land that turn to black and can not use anymore? Do you believe that when you usually use coffee cup can lead to cancer? Yes, those dangerous parts are all related to coffee cup, and dangers were separated from manufacturing to use and deal with.

Many experts propose that we can use personal cup instead of plastic coffee cup. We can buy a beautiful cup and take it every day, but the innovation of plastic cup want to solve the problem that the product can give us more convenience and diasostic(although the plastic coffee cup is not healthful now). It is like that the expert idea returns to the original shape.

In order to solve this problem, we find the breakthrough in innovation and technology part that realize diasostic and healthy which doesn’t work now. We want to use some healthy raw material that is not expensive to produce the product to customers. We also want to solve the degradation and recycle problem that influence our environment and then influence human being. What important is that we need a green way from the beginning to the end, and stop spoiling the environment.

If the green coffee cup make a success, the customer is more unworried to use them every day, according to the sales volumes and the demand of the coffee cup now, we can forecast the sales of the green coffee cup in the future. It can create more value to both customers and companies, and then there will be less propose that not to use the coffee cup and said the green coffee cup is great.