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The purpose of our video is to make people realize the part of the agriculture in the consumption of water. We need to think about new way to irrigate in order to use less water.

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Our subject is about irrigation problems in this agriculture and more precisely on the area of the California. “Why so many products are cultivated in only one place? And why in California?” Because it is the best localisation to irrigate and allow to have fast results. In fact, in the 1930’s, the most naturally fertile land have been developed but, because of the rise of supermarkets’ number, the demand in vegetables and fruits has been increasing continuously throughout the year. This result can be in part explained by the smart California agribusiness’ ads which is very powerful and influential. Today, California produces 60% of the fruit and 50% of the vegetable in the last 10 years for the American consumption. Moreover this state exports 15% of its production in the world. California counts 3 650 000 ha of irrigated lands. There is a concentration of the biggest farms well known for their intensive way of cultivate. As a consequence a huge quantity of water is used while lands are dry. The mix of these several factors induce that lot of water gets evaporated.

In the California, farmers have to make choices about the organization of their production. With the water stakes, they have to decide what production they will favour. These choices can have an important impact on the prosperity of their growing. A bad choice may compromise the success of the coming years. The main choices they have to take is about what product they will cultivate and how do they will organize the irrigation. Does it worth the effort to dig a well to survive to the dryness of California if we can’t be sure about the weather of the next year? Dryness leads farmers to take more and more decisions about their growing and the irrigation. This situation is the consequence of the watering place draining.

A solution has to be found in order to overcome this vicious circle. Farmers can’t continue like they are actually, this situation is too much unpredictable because of the uncertainty of nature’s changes. We are reporting about the non-sustainability of this situation and pressing about the fact that things have to evolve.

Nina Bougeant Justine Roussel Marie Lormand Philippine Duroux Solenne Pichot Constance Nossent