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The topic we have decided to explore is the following :
Our goal is to try to find a way to improve household waste site management. As we learn from our experiences and interviews, all the waste deposited in the household waste site are not properly sorted. That a huge danger for the environment because non recyclable products are also deposited in these household waste site. As we know, it is a political and environmental problem but also an educational and cultural problem that will be long and difficult to resolve.

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Old paint cans, one-legged stool, dead tree ... you surely carried and deposited the waste in the space that is now dedicated to them: the recycling centers. These dumpes are very dangerous. Indeed, it induces serious environmental impacts : smell, air pollution, water pollution… Landfills emit methane powerful greenhouse gas that contributes in contaminating the atmosphere. Beyond these problems caused by the waste disposals, we have to think of the source of those issues we are facing :

  • A lot of citizens do no sort waste correctly and efficiently, thereby it causes environmental issues and it everything ends up in dumpes.
  • More and more firms try to implement an internal system of sorting trashes but they do not succeed because people are not aware enough to do it well  same result than above : everything ends up in dumpes.

Besides, more and more cities are getting less and less subsidies every year and it obvisouly has a negative impact on the means allocated to sorting trashes..

But even if, in France we face a huge problem when it comes to sorting our waste, there a potential solutions to overcome those issues :

  • First of all, we have to transmit the importance of recylcing, the next generation has to be more aware than our generation so that the situation gets better some day. Children have to be told when they’re very young how to recylce, it will thereby become something obvious to them and they will grow up doing it and more important : they will know how to do it
  • Second, as one of the interviewed person said it in the video, sharing the environmental budget of differente cities into one to have more power and impact would be a good idea. More budget = more means = a better recylcing process !