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Thanks to our video we aim to protect the ancestral knowledge and culture of the indigenous tribes of Amazonia that are disappearing because of deforestation by sensibilizing people. The Amazon Rainforest is the place hosting about 990 000 indigenous people. They live hidden and just want to stay isolated from the rest of the world, living with their own lifestyle and culture. But they are threatened and run the risk of extinction due to the loss of their hunting fields, their cultural identities and their territories.

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Amazonia’s soul : the forest guardians

« We are alive but we are dying slowly» said Guarani-Kaiowa Tribe Chiefs. The Amazon Rainforest is the biggest tropical forest on Earth. With a surface of 5’500’00km2, it stretches over nine countries: Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Suriname, Guyana, Bolivia and French Guyana. On this space cohabite 390 billion trees, 1’000 different species and about a million people. Since the XXth century, deforestation has touched the one we called “the planet’s lung”; for example about 290 million hectares have already disappeared since 1990. Today, every 7 seconds, it is a football field that disappear. We shouldn’t forget the problem linked to water: the Amazon, that refuels 1/5 of the planet in sweet water, is also threatened. The agricol business and breeding are the main causes of deforestation; indeed cattle breeding (responsible of 80%), wood business (often illegal) and the culture of soya are the main threats for Amazon’s lands. Indeed, some countries of Latin Amerina –as Brazil- are leader on the wood, cattle meat and leather markets, and so the situation of the Amazonia Rainforest in getting worst and worst. Nevertheless, it is the Ecuador that detain the record of the most important deforestation’s annual rate with 1,7%, that let forecast a total disappearance of the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador in 2070. We are assisting at a progressive loose of the biodiversity: trees and animals are threatened, but they are not the only ones. Too often forgotten, the indigenous tribes are the one that suffer the most of this situation are their living place are destroyed. Their survival is in danger: they are loosing their hunting place, their gathering place… ¼ of this population is seriously in danger of extinction.The Belo Monte’s dam construction is also an important threat: 500km2 of surface inhabited by indigenous tribes is going to be flooded and 25’000 people are going to be removed, without knowing neither where nor when. However, solutions can be brought. Governments could decide to tell farmers to leave indigenous’ lands and to stop wood traffickers who are seriously threatening the Amazon rainforest. Moreover, initiatives can be taken at shorter scales: starting with the saving of paper. If everyone used less paper or only when it is really needed, this could have a real influence on the long term. The deforestation grows by 25% every year and if it continues this way, we forecast the complete disappearance of the Amazon rainforest around 2150. Anyone can help for this cause, everyone is concerned. Act today, be tomorrow !