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The topic we have decided to explore is the following : The refugee crisis and housing
To know better our project, we decided to meet 4 experts with differents point of view.

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Refugee crisis and housing

A human adventure

Achieving this video has been a real human experience for all of us because even if we were aware of the extent and complexity of this project, we observed a deep suffering and remarkable determination to live among the refugees we met. But what most marked us is the solidarity and commitment of many people towards these migrants. This has strengthened our motivation to continue our work and look how raise awareness among the population around this issue.

All refugees do not have a real motivation to start the regularization procedures

If the video shows the difficulties that refugees may face: not enough housing, lengthy procedures leaving abandoned... The experts also explained that every refugees do not want every time making the necessary steps. Michel Morzière told us that some refugees were choosing to beg rather than making this effort because they do not want to risk being sent to centres at the other side of France.

Housing, a problem among many others

In addition to the housing problems, refugees face many challenges that seem obvious but we do not think about necessarily. They are poor, do not have any financial resources, have no medical coverage, no phone to communicate and did not speak a word of French, they actually are abandoned, that creates misunderstanding about the situations they are dealing. They have already experienced terrible things to get here: war, famine, abandonment of family, death of close relation, dangerous trip by sea and land to get to France... They still do not find a solution and stay in a chaos. They have perhaps no more the threat of death hanging over their heads but they still cannot imagine a peaceful future.

The reception of refugees, an economic argument?

It should also be noted that much of those refugees are highly skilled: graduates or executives these individuals represent a real potential that we may need to include in the implementation of process solutions. According to INSEE, 63% of immigrants who arrived in France in 2012 were holders of a diploma equivalent to the baccalaureate and 39% of these new arrivals had a graduate degree.

Solidarity initiatives

In France as in the rest of Europe, associations struggling daily to promote the reception of refugees, help them in their regularization procedures and offer them decent housing. Other initiatives were taken by the inhabitants themselves. “Airbnb for refugees" have emerged. Residents propose to host refugees for some time (at least 15 days, often several months) to bring them under favorable conditions for them to fulfil many steps.

The trend is now to hardening of reception conditions

However, while most European countries showed a willingness to make an effort to accommodate many refugees, the trend began to reverse. Sweden tightens entry requirements and extremism rise in most European countries due to this issue which leaves us in a duty to act and try to find a lasting solution in the shortest possible time.