First assignment of group n° 099


Resources used by the team

JOFFRE Clémence

TED - the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Book : La solution est dans l’assiette, de la fondation Good Planet.



Book : reuse and recycling: reverse logistics by kopicki, Berg and Legg


  • Article 1  : Improving solid waste reduction and recycling performance using goal setting and feedback
  • Article 2  : The Cost of Reducing Municipal Solid Waste by Palmer, Sigman and Walls
  • Article 3  : How Similar are Recycling and Waste Reduction?

Future Orientation and Reasons for Reducing Waste As Predictors of Self-Reported Behavior by Ebreo and Vining

  • Article 4  : Differences between housholds waste reduction, reuse and recycling behavior…

  • Article 5 : Reducing Solid Waste

Linking Recycling to Environmentally Responsible Consumerism by Ebreo, Hershey and Vining


Book : Zero Waste Home: The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying Your Life by Reducing Your Waste Bea Johnson


  • Video 1 : Where Does Our Garbage Go

  • Video 2 : Tech Time: Reuse, recycle your old devices…/tech-time-reuse-re…/34234050

  • Video 3 : L’ Upcycling, comment faire du neuf avec du vieux ?
Book : Sustainable World : waste by Rob Bowden


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  • Article 3 :Sauvez les océans de la pollution grâce à votre smartphone…/sauvez-les-oceans-de-la-pollution-g…

  • Article 4 : Upcycling, rien ne se perd, tout se transforme…

  • Article 5 : 30 Creative Ways To Repurpose & Reuse Old Stuff…/


Book : Le scénario Zéro Waste " de Zero Waste France (2014) - Edition : RUE ECHIQUIER



Book : Trash Backwards: Innovating Our Way to Zero Waste, David Naylor…



Book : Waste, Recycling and Reuse, Sally Morgan


First description of our project

First description of our project's idea


Please answer to the three expected questions:

1. What Problem do you want to solve ?

Domestic waste has become a major issue over the last decades. It does not seem to slow down as people consume more and more goods every year. It is necessary for our society to tackle this issue seriously as it damages our planet Earth and as a result could jeopardize human race. Consequently, we decided that working together in an attempt to identify a practical solution to waste reduction would be beneficial for society as a whole. Waste is a hot topic and figures illustrate the importance of this issue. On a global scale, 5.25 trillions of plastic waste have been thrown in the oceans. Pollution caused by plastic related wastes costs the US economy 13 million dollars per year. This surplus of waste can engender highly dangerous health concerns such as cancer, malformations and reproduction issues. A lot of efforts are being put into finding a way to reduce wastes. However, no practical solutions have been implemented. Our goal is to get closer to a solving where our society could prevent dispensable domestic waste from happening instead of having to repair damages that it caused.

2. Why does this problem exist?

Somewhere between California and Hawaiian Islands, there is the « Pacific Garbage Patch ». When the story about the sixth continent came out, it was a shock for everyone. People react by creating new ways to live and act, by eating more biologic, by separating waste, etc. Nonetheless we actually haven’t changed so much on concrete things and the waste reduction got worse. In August 2015, we have consumed more than Earth can produce in a year. And it’s getting higher every year. The society of consumerism, partly as a result of a totally new lifestyle full of technological advances, is one of the major reasons of the waste surplus that the world is living. The daily amount of waste emitted by each person almost doubled from 2.7 to 4.4 pounds over the last 35 years. The irresponsibility of each and every one of us also results in the non-reduction of wastes. This can also be due to a lack of awareness about the hazards of each one’s action. The waste stream grows not only in volume but also in toxicity due to the factories’ emissions that take very little account of the effects that their business have on Earth. These companies keep producing non eco-friendly products (no recycling and reuse possibilities). Finally, it seems that all actual waste management efforts are focused on a local level rather than focusing on the global citizenship concept. It uses high technology and aren’t efficient nor practical.

3. What breakthrough are you commited to creating?

We are committed to create a brand new service that will help people begin a new age of waste reduction. We are living in an era where people are trying to find new ways to consume, produce and live in a more and more globalized world. Nowadays, we believe that waste reduction can definitely rely on the principle of the sharing economy. People can be fully informed about all the issues on the planet and are able to take initiatives independently to solve a problem. Through the principle of sharing economy, people will be able to respond to the issue by taking actions individually but also by creating a renewal of concern inside the population in a global scale. As a result, the sharing economy in its variety of forms will help by tackling the following problems: • To reduce the amount of waste emitted in our society by connecting people to give goods a second life. • To create a new way of thinking in our society at large where people would reuse products instead of buying new ones that would become waste in the end. • To inform people and encourage them to act to prevent human race from suffering damages caused by waste. New technologies would be the ideal platform to rely on in order to affect the largest number of people possible.

Potential Experts

Regarding the potential experts, here is a list: - An IT expert in order to understand how could we create a mobile app and how we could handle it - A Marketing expert in order to target the audience, but also talk about price, promotion, distribution, etc. - A Sustainable expert, someone who has already launch a product or an idea about sustainable performance, and knows a lot about the subject so he will be able to help us improve our project.