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located in the western Algarve, Portugal in a secluded farmland, 20 minutes from beautiful surf beaches. Our Farm Lab besides the usual fab lab equipment will have around 9 rooms for guests and a few more rooms for sponsored residents and staff. The Farm Lab will be inside the farmland and it will aim to serve 4 types of public: - The locals: specially farmers interested in developing new techniques and equipment with the support of the Farm Lab; - Startups or companies: that will have a refugee from the city distractions and noise to best complete their projects; - Residents: that we will host for free as long as they have relevant projects around farming and the Fab Farm; - Occasional hackers/makers in vacation that wants to enjoy the near by beach and farm land but want to go back to the lab everyday. We already have the land many 3D printers, a laser engraver a CNC and many more power and hand tools.

Algarve Fab Farm

We are building a FabLab within a farm as a non-commercial, not-for-profit initiative. We aim to foster a community of thinkers, artists, makers, and farmers who can learn, create, and share technology to enhance everyone's lives. This is not a business but a community project, and we operate entirely on a voluntary basis.

At the moment, we are finishing renovating a ruin and constructing a vermicompost toilet, along with all the accompanying amenities, such as a compost tank, shower, we are also planning to build another treehouse or a hobit house.

Our project seamlessly blends low and high-tech elements. Initiated on a long-abandoned farm, we are building everything from the ground up. I began constructing the farm's infrastructure in late 2016, from roads and lakes (for rainwater collection), to renovating the ruin, setting up lab machines, and establishing a solar grid. We are mostly off-grid, but still rely on purchased gas for cooking.

The idea is to farm with help of tech, or to tech with help of the farm :-). We aim to create a space where thinkers, artists, makers, and farmers can learn, create, and share technology to enhance everyone's lives. The lab will cater to a diverse range of individuals, from farmers and artists to inventors, surfers, and hackers.

Ongoing skills

- Woodworking

- Mechanical work

- Programming

- 3D design

- Architectural design

- Setting up pumps and helping build machines

- Renovating the ruin using traditional methods

- Agriculture, planting experimental and traditional crops

- Setting up our website

- Building accommodations for helpers and guests of the lab

- Piling firewood

Ongoing projects include making solar panels for water heating, completing the lab setup, building a toilet and shower, improving lab machines, planting vegetables and fruit trees, and feeding farm animals, among others.

I have built a milling CNC, 3D printers, and laser cutters, and plan to use these machines to assist in building various projects. Additionally, it is my intention to document each process and release the information online.

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