Home Remedies For Mosquito Bites:- With the mighty perks that the great outdoors comes with, comes the not-so-mighty perk of mosquitoes. No, there isn’t anyone who looks forward to the constant buzzing, blood-sucking or the itching. From hindering your slumber to doing the same to dinner time, mosquitoes are quite the menace. So are the bites they leave behind.

Males mosquitoes are pretty much harmless because they seldom bite. The females, on the other hand, are the real cause of the trouble. They require blood, which can be human or animal I order to form eggs. Each bite entails sucking about three milligrams of blood which has enough iron and protein to develop eggs. What is essentially misconstrued for a bite, isn’t quite a bite after all. The female mosquito pokes around with her proboscis which is a needle like part of her mouth, searching for a blood vessel closer to the skin. With the help of the proboscis, she pierces at the skin in order to suck out the blood.

So once the deed is done, what we are left behind with is a swollen red bump which itches causes more irritation than the bloodsucking. This is post is aimed at how to get rid mosquito bites.